Hydrogen Deutschland GmbH

Start of the largest privately financed H2 ecosystem in Germany.
Investment sum in phase 1: € 550 million


Berlin, 02 June 2023 – A good two and a half years after its founding, Hydrogen Deutschland GmbH in Berlin announces initial plans for the launch of its H2 ecosystem. In phase 1 alone, the company will make investments of 550 million euros. This makes it the largest 100% privately financed startup in the hydrogen sector in Germany to date. In parallel, work has begun on building a network of leading international players in the energy sector. The first contracts for strategic cooperations and participations are planned for 2023.

Hydrogen Deutschland GmbH, founded in December 2020 in Hamm, North Rhine-Westphalia, and registered in January 2021, has commenced first activities in Berlin, but has been globally oriented from the start. “Every day, highly specialised companies are founded all over the world that develop innovative business models for the extraction and storage as well as the transport and use of hydrogen. What hardly exists, however, are ventures that coordinate these individual solutions in the best possible way, dovetail them with each other and combine them efficiently “, says Alexander Schulz, Managing Director of Hydrogen Deutschland GmbH. And he adds: “This is exactly where we come in with our 360° approach.”


Specifically, Hydrogen Deutschland GmbH is active in four business areas:

I.  Research and development in the hydrogen sector

The centrepieces are one H2 campus each in Berlin and Hamburg with a total usable area of 160,000 m² – to be followed by two more in Asia. In these R&D centres, promising H2 startups have the opportunity to work door to door with leading players in the hydrogen sector. The aim is to ensure a rapid knowledge transfer and speedy marketing of pioneering new developments through physical proximity.

Renowned architects, planners and developers are responsible for the planning and implementation of the new buildings, which are designed according to the highest ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) standards. The goal is for the buildings to become visible landmarks in the respective region for the transition to hydrogen technology. Construction in Berlin is scheduled to begin in 2024.


II. H2 Consulting

Hydrogen Deutschland GmbH has a large network of highly qualified specialists from science, research, and industry with many years of expertise in the hydrogen sector, who offer all the services that are in demand, from market analyses, feasibility studies and technical due diligence as well as support and project management. As the demand for competent H2 consulting is constantly increasing, the company, together with its partners, is developing top-class training and further education programmes for interested young professionals.


III. H2 Investment

To promote innovation in the field of hydrogen technology and the hydrogen economy, Hydrogen Deutschland GmbH will launch an international H2 accelerator programme in Berlin.


IV. Local hydrogen production

To be able to quickly produce more green hydrogen with solar energy in Germany, Hydrogen Deutschland GmbH is currently developing a joint venture project with the participation of large cooperation partners and scientific institutes. Local hydrogen production plants are to be built in the immediate vicinity of potential large-scale hydrogen consumers in ports, airports, and industrial areas. The total output in the final expansion stage will be up to 1 million metric tonnes of hydrogen per year.


“Time is pressing if humanity wants to take the dangerous edge off climate change. The key to this is sustainable innovations in the energy sector. There is no question in our minds that hydrogen produced in an environmentally friendly way plays a central role in this. But it is also clear that this mammoth task can only be solved globally. However, this does not mean that everyone should not start in their own country. For this reason, Hydrogen Deutschland GmbH cooperates with leading hydrogen players in Germany as well as abroad,” says Alexander Schulz, Managing Director.



More information will follow soon